Can Cannabis Cure Chronic Pain? – Rare Study

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Chronic pain can take a toll on your life, leaving you feeling miserable and searching for effective solutions. A groundbreaking March study has revealed a potential remedy – real cannabis, including high-THC flowers and CBD oils. The Australian research, featured in the journal Drug Science, Policy, and Law, demonstrated remarkable reductions in pain and notable improvements in overall quality of life. The study spanned three months, during which patients experienced better sleep, enhanced mood, and improved general health while using cannabis. While these findings are promising, it’s important to remember that they are still in the preliminary stages.

Exploring Cannabis As A Solution For Chronic Pain

According to Latest Research Insights, The utilization of cannabis for chronic pain is a well-established practice, with many patients seeking its medicinal benefits. Numerous comprehensive systematic reviews have already demonstrated the effectiveness of cannabis in alleviating chronic pain.

A notable example is the extensive review conducted by The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in 2017. They concluded that there is compelling evidence supporting the use of cannabis or cannabinoids in treating chronic pain among adults. Other reviews have echoed similar findings, highlighting the potential of cannabis in providing relief from chronic pain. While systematic reviews have long been regarded as the gold standard for research, some researchers now acknowledge their limitations, primarily due to the inclusion of highly controlled studies that may not accurately reflect real-world cannabis usage by patients.

To delve deeper into the actual impact of cannabis on chronic pain patients, a recent study adopted an observational approach. By analyzing real-world cannabis usage and its associated outcomes, researchers sought to gain valuable insights into the efficacy of cannabis for chronic pain relief.

A Three-Month Real-World Study

In the study titled ‘Medicinal cannabis for pain: Real-world data on three-month changes in symptoms and quality of life,’ researchers closely monitored 55 adult patients suffering from chronic pain. These patients were provided with questionnaires to evaluate various aspects, such as pain levels, sleep patterns, mood, and overall quality of life. Notably, many of these patients had concurrent conditions, including stress and anxiety disorders, which is common among chronic pain patients in real-world scenarios. This approach aimed to mimic the diverse experiences of real patients who turn to cannabis for relief.

Before the study commenced, all participants were deemed eligible for medical cannabis by their doctors, yet none of them had prior experience with cannabis usage. Individualized cannabis products were prescribed by Australian doctors to each patient, tailoring the treatment to meet their specific needs, mirroring the approach taken by the average cannabis patient. The prescribed products encompassed a variety of cannabis forms, including flowers and oils, with varying levels of CBD and THC.

At the outset of the experiment, the cohort exhibited relatively poor health, experiencing high levels of pain, sleep disturbances, and low ratings for mood and overall quality of life. The researchers monitored the participants throughout the three-month cannabis treatment period, aiming to assess the impact of cannabis usage on their symptoms and well-being.

Cannabis Shows Promising Results For Chronic Pain Patients

In a three-month study conducted by researchers from the NICM Health Research Institute at Western Sydney University, New South Wales, Australia, chronic pain patients experienced significant improvements in their overall well-being and pain management through the use of cannabis. The study followed 55 adult patients who had been dealing with chronic pain, and they were administered individualized cannabis products based on their specific needs.

The results were remarkable. After the three-month cannabis treatment period, the participants reported a noticeable reduction in pain severity, and it had less interference with their daily lives. Their quality of life, general health, mood, and sleep scores showed substantial improvements, which were considered to be of moderate to strong effect sizes. Notably, the positive impact on depression was particularly noteworthy, with improvements exceeding those commonly seen in meta-analyses for antidepressant medications.

Furthermore, the use of cannabis was well-tolerated by the participants. In the entire cohort, only one 29-year-old man experienced extremely mild adverse reactions, such as dry eyes and feeling cold, which quickly resolved on the same day they began.

These findings provide encouraging evidence that cannabis can offer effective and well-tolerated relief for chronic pain patients, enhancing their overall quality of life and mental well-being.

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Enrico Bratta

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Enrico Bratta

Medical cannabis professional based in Phuket, Thailand.