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Welcome to 420 Route Surin Beach, your premier gateway to a captivating cannabis experience on the stunning shores of Phuket. As you enter our laid-back haven, you'll be greeted by the soothing rhythm of the waves and the enticing aroma of premium cannabis, setting the stage for an extraordinary journey into the world of relaxation and exploration.At 420 Route Surin Beach, we pride ourselves on presenting a carefully curated selection of top-quality cannabis products, sourced from local growers who share our passion for excellence. Whether you're seeking the perfect strain for a leisurely day by the beach or an evening of vibrant socializing, our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to guiding you through our diverse inventory.Nestled in the heart of Surin Beach, our dispensary embodies the spirit of Phuket's tranquil yet vibrant atmosphere. We understand the importance of transparency and safety in the cannabis industry, and at 420 Route Surin Beach, we adhere to the highest standards to ensure your peace of mind. Every product on our shelves is a testament to our commitment to delivering a premium and trustworthy cannabis experience.Step into 420 Route Surin Beach and discover more than just a dispensary – immerse yourself in a community that celebrates the rich tapestry of cannabis culture. Our space is designed to be a gathering point for like-minded individuals to share stories, explore new strains, and create lasting connections in an environment that radiates positivity.Welcome to 420 Route Surin Beach, where the sun, sea, and cannabis converge to redefine your Phuket experience. Join us on this exciting journey, where relaxation meets exploration, and every visit is an opportunity to elevate your connection with cannabis. Trust in the quality and authenticity of 420 Route Surin Beach, your trusted partner in the flourishing cannabis scene of Phuket.

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หาดสุรินทร์ 107/3 Choeng Thale, Thalang District, Phuket 83110