Weed Way



"Welcome to Weed Way, the epitome of cannabis excellence nestled in the serene locale of Rawai! Formerly known as Good Weed, our dispensary has transformed into the ultimate destination for top-tier and exotic marijuana strains, carefully sourced and certified from both local and international growers.Embark on a journey into the world of Weed Way, where our unwavering commitment to excellence promises a transcendent experience for cannabis enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in a thoughtfully curated selection of superior marijuana strains, each chosen for its exceptional quality and unique charm. We take pride in cultivating a harmonious connection between the sacred plant and those seeking an extraordinary cannabis journey.At Weed Way, our offerings extend beyond the ordinary, presenting a lush array of cannabis products designed to elevate your senses. From delightful edibles to enchanting concentrates, we invite you to explore the extraordinary and redefine your cannabis experience in the most enchanting ways.As the newly established haven for cannabis enthusiasts in Rawai, Thailand, Weed Way stands as a testament to our dedication to providing the highest quality in a tranquil and inviting atmosphere. Our location warmly invites you to embark on a unique journey into the verdant dimensions of premium cannabis products.Join us at Weed Way, where we extend a heartfelt welcome to transcend expectations and explore the delightful nuances of cannabis. Welcome to a serene and elevated experience in the heart of Rawai – welcome to Weed Way!" 🌿

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5 42 หมู่ 5 Wiset Rd, Rawai, เมือง Phuket 83130