How To Grow Weed Indoors – Get Huge Yields And Avoid Costly Mistakes

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Cannabis has experienced an exponential rise in acceptance and appeal in recent years, inspiring many enthusiasts to learn more about home cultivation.

While indoor cultivation has advantages of its own, like improved environmental control and year-round cultivation, it also has advantages over outdoor cultivation.

This article will serve as your thorough guide on how to grow weed indoors, whether you’re an experienced gardener or a novice keen to explore the world of cannabis growing.


Before you start planning your growing space, make sure you have everything you need to learn how to grow cannabis indoors. This includes the specific tools and materials you’ll need.

Knowing how to produce weed seeds indoors requires taking into account a variety of factors. Your configuration may necessitate using more or fewer of each item:

  • Medium for plant growth – A suitable environment must be offered for growing cannabis. Numerous methods, such as coco coir, soil, hydroponic systems, or perlite, can be used to accomplish this.
  • Nutrients: It’s crucial to give your cannabis plants a balanced nutritional composition. It is strongly advised to choose a top-notch, organic nutrition brand.
  • Light – It is essential to have lighting that is appropriate for growing cannabis. Certain plants will grow more effectively in certain types of light.
  • Grow Area – A well-lit, clean, and well-organized space is essential for cannabis cultivation. As an appropriate location, you could use a room, a greenhouse, or even a closet.

Additionally, it’s critical to make sure that both children’s and dogs’ safety is guaranteed in the area. Additionally, if there is a danger of theft or social stigma, you can use heavy drapes or blackout sheets to prevent any light from penetrating in.

  • Temperature and humidity control are crucial, especially when growing plants inside. This can be achieved using a variety of techniques, including the use of ventilators and humidifying and dehumidifying equipment.
  • Nutrient-rich water is essential for your plants’ growth and health. Ideally, this water should come from a source that is rich in nutrients. Keep in mind that there is less sunlight and less water evaporation when learning how to grow weed indoors.

The best location for growing cannabis inside must be determined before you start learning how to accomplish it. It should be a secure, orderly, uncluttered space with manageable humidity and temperature levels.

You can utilize a greenhouse, closet, room, or even your backyard to cultivate cannabis indoors. You should seek out a sunny, warm location with adequate soil for outdoor gardening. Avoid shaded or wooded areas since they are too humid for marijuana plants to grow.

To take care of the plants, the location should be simple to get to. It will take some time to water and harvest the crops, so you must make sure you have adequate space to walk around. Additionally, the area should be simple to maintain so that you can keep pests and other problems at bay.

A hydroponic system, a pot, a garden bed, or a mix of these are your options.


You’ll need a few key tools to get started learning how to grow your own weed. The following are necessary components, while the needs may change according on your unique configuration and cultivation environment.

Cannabis seeds

Getting the seeds is the first step in growing cannabis. To ensure that the seeds are not misrepresented or of poor quality, it is advisable to purchase from one of the best cannabis seed banks, such as Seed Supreme.

The seeds are available online or in a nearby garden-focused shop. Also available are gendered seeds, which will only produce female plants.


In order to grow marijuana indoors, you will also need lamps to provide your plants the right quantity of light. Even after learning how to grow weed inside, too many people have cut shortcuts with lighting, resulting in subpar or dead plants.

Cannabis should be grown under special lights since they have a better blue light spectrum than regular interior lighting. Your plants will be able to produce more cannabinoids thanks to this without getting hurt.

You have the choice of HPS or LED grow lights. Although HPS bulbs are great for growing cannabis, they might not be the best option for smaller rooms. To get the right lighting for your space, you would need to choose a store that specialized in cannabis.


Your plants must have access to a water source that is rich in nutrients in order to thrive. They will receive the elements they need from this to thrive.

The growing of marijuana indoors takes place in a controlled atmosphere without any natural nutrient replenishment.


The right strain of cannabis must be chosen when learning how to produce weed indoors. This is a significant decision because various strains are better suited to particular cultivation methods and skill levels.

When selecting a strain, you should think about the following factors.


Consider the environment you want to cultivate in before you start. Some plant kinds do better when grown in outdoor gardens, while other plant varieties do better when cultivated indoors.

Additionally, while some plants prefer cooler temperatures, others do better in conditions that are brighter and warmer.


When making a choice, it’s critical to consider the yield of each type of strain. Some cultivars can produce fewer but higher-quality buds, while others can produce more but with weaker potency. Through internet reviews and discussion boards, you can learn the yield of a strain.

When each strain is ready to be harvested, you must take this into consideration. It is important to choose a kind that can be harvested at the correct time because certain varieties take longer to bloom than others.

That being stated, it is crucial to buy marijuana seeds from reputable suppliers in order to guarantee maximum potency and output in your cannabis growing.

You may be sure of the quality and genetics of the plants you will grow by buying your seeds from dependable and well-regarded vendors.


You can begin studying how to germinate cannabis seeds once you have the necessary feminized seeds. This step is a requirement before you plant the cannabis seeds in the soil since it will help your plants develop a strong root system.

  • There are two methods that can be used to accomplish this:
  • Seed Starting – For those learning how to grow weed indoors for the first time, a seed starting kit is a fantastic way to make sure the seeds they plant are in the best possible conditions for germination. These kits come complete with all required parts.
  • Utilizing a growth medium is an additional choice. It’s a fantastic method to become familiar with the procedure while you’re still learning how to grow cannabis indoors, even if the roots won’t develop as deeply and robustly as they would with a seed starting kit.


You must move your plants into the vegetative phase after germination.

To ensure that your plants are strong and healthy, you must give them light for 16 hours each day and darkness for 8 hours at night. You have two options for doing this: manually or with a timer.

You should also give them ample room and fresh air so they can develop appropriately. In order to keep pests and diseases at bay, you should also keep the space clean. Additionally, you need to make sure your plants receive enough water.

To determine whether the soil is becoming too dry, you can perform frequent soil testing.

By putting pennies in the water, you can determine how salty it is. Your water is salty if it takes more than two minutes for a coin to touch the bottom. Your water is too pure for your plants if it takes less than two minutes.

Additionally, you need to guarantee that your plants receive the right amount of light.

Your cannabis plants require 16 hours of light and 8 hours of darkness per day in order to flourish in the best conditions possible. This will help them grow a robust, lush structure and prevent them from getting too tall.

Making this error when learning how to grow pot indoors is typical since tall plants can’t commit enough energy to producing terpenes or cannabinoids. Your plants’ height growth can be restricted by topping them.


You must switch your cannabis plants’ light cycle to 12 hours of light every day once they are completely grown in order to start blooming. You should also change up their nourishment.

To keep the plants from growing too tall, trimming is also necessary. You can choose to force flowering earlier or let part of your plants bloom naturally. To aid in the plants’ quicker flowering, this entails altering the light cycle and nutrients.

The 12-hour light intervals can be monitored and the lights can be turned off at night using a timer that is linked to the lights. You must modify the plants’ growing habitat whenever they start to flower.

It is advised to maintain your plants in a gloomy environment for 12 hours a day, like a closet. Blackout curtains can be used to reduce light entry.

Additionally, it guards against theft and nosy neighbors, who may make learning how to cultivate weed indoors anything but joyful.

Furthermore, it’s critical to keep them away from strong smells and loud noises that could harm their health.

You must also make sure they receive the appropriate amount of water. To determine if the soil is getting too dry, you can assess it.

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The last stage of learning how to cultivate cannabis indoors is at hand! You should choose the marijuana plants you’ve grown when you think the timing is right.

When the leaves and blooms turn a deep brown and the stalks start to wilt, they are ready for cutting. You need to use scissors to complete the cutting.

Guide: How To Cure And Harvest Weed Buds


Learning how to grow marijuana indoors offers aficionados the thrilling chance to grow marijuana in a regulated setting, producing high-quality yields and a satisfying experience.

You now have the skills and knowledge needed to start your indoor cannabis farming journey after reading this thorough tutorial.

You can cultivate the ideal environment for your cannabis plants to flourish by carefully controlling variables like lighting, temperature, humidity, and fertilizer levels.

Always keep learning, ask seasoned growers for their suggestions, and adjust your tactics as you gain practical experience.

As your relationship with this wonderful plant grows stronger, enjoy the trip and the results of your labor.


Enrico Bratta

Enrico Bratta

Medical cannabis professional based in Phuket, Thailand.


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Enrico Bratta

Medical cannabis professional based in Phuket, Thailand.