I Was on “Emmerdale” and Smoked Weed Since 15 – Now I Own a Weed Bar in Thailand

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Former Emmerdale star, Kelli Hollis, best known for her role as Ali Spencer on the long-running ITV soap, has bid farewell to her acting career and ventured into a vastly different profession. Leaving behind the picturesque Yorkshire Dales, she now resides thousands of miles away in Thailand, where she runs a thriving “weed bar” called La Choza Pratumnak. This career shift comes after her decision to part ways with acting, despite her success in other television shows and films. In this article, we delve into Kelli’s transition from the limelight to the world of cannabis and explore her journey towards becoming an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry.

The Emmerdale Journey

Kelli Hollis gained nationwide recognition for her role as Ali Spencer, the devoted mother of Sean and Amelia, in the beloved soap opera Emmerdale. The character’s storyline led her to bid farewell to the fictional town, moving away to Liverpool. In 2018, however, viewers were heartbroken when Ali met her tragic demise in a fatal car accident, marking the end of Kelli’s tenure on the show. Despite her success on Emmerdale and her subsequent roles in Channel 4 films and the hit series Shameless, Kelli felt the calling to explore new horizons beyond acting.

A New Path in Thailand

Having bid farewell to the acting world, Kelli embarked on an adventurous journey that led her to the exotic shores of Thailand. Over a year ago, she made the decision to start anew and has since been wholeheartedly committed to her unconventional business venture – a “weed bar” in Thailand named La Choza Pratumnak. The Thai region in which Kelli set up her business permits the use of marijuana for personal purposes, creating a unique opportunity for her to delve into the cannabis industry.

The Transition To Cannabis Entrepreneurship

Kelli’s transition from an actress to a cannabis entrepreneur was a leap of faith, but she has embraced her new role with zeal. She actively shares her journey and business accomplishments on social media platforms, particularly TikTok, where she connects with her audience and showcases her thriving “weed bar.” Alongside her partner Martin, Kelli hosts lively parties at La Choza Pratumnak, inviting people to dance and indulge in the legal cannabis offerings.

The Epiphany in Thailand

In an interview with LeedsLive, Kelli reminisced about her vacations to the Thai region, where she had the opportunity to do some “island hopping.” During these travels, she serendipitously stumbled upon a charming little shop and struck up a friendship with its owner. This newfound connection ignited the spark that ultimately led to Kelli’s decision to establish her own “weed shop” in Thailand. Her openness and willingness to embrace this new path show her adaptability and determination as an entrepreneur.

Passion For Cannabis, Pragmatic Approach

Despite being a cannabis enthusiast since her early years, Kelli acknowledges that she is not a hardcore weed smoker. However, her passion for the potential of cannabis as a viable business venture has driven her to invest in this emerging industry. With her humorous remark that she might smoke all the profits if she were an avid user, Kelli demonstrates her pragmatic approach to her business venture.

The Results

From Emmerdale’s Ali Spencer to the proprietor of La Choza Pratumnak in Thailand, Kelli Hollis has embarked on a remarkable journey. Her decision to leave the acting world behind and dive headfirst into the cannabis industry exemplifies her adventurous spirit and entrepreneurial drive. As Kelli celebrates her newfound success as a cannabis entrepreneur, it is evident that her journey from the Yorkshire Dales to Thailand has been one of growth, discovery, and embracing the unexpected.

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Enrico Bratta

Enrico Bratta

Medical cannabis professional based in Phuket, Thailand.


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Enrico Bratta

Medical cannabis professional based in Phuket, Thailand.