What are Cannabis Sun Rocks?

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Sun rocks, a rising star in the cannabis world, are the latest sensation captivating stoner lore. Similar to moon rocks, sun rocks take potency to new heights by infusing buds with hash oil and then coating them in kief. Just one bong rip of these distillate-drenched nugs is said to transport users to the stratosphere.

In legal cannabis markets, the popularity of moon rocks has soared, becoming a staple on dispensary concentrate menus. However, the emergence of sun rocks brings a fresh twist to the experience, providing a powerful alternative for those seeking an elevated cannabis encounter. As with moon rocks, sun rocks can also be crafted in the comfort of one’s home, offering enthusiasts the chance to experiment and indulge in this potent, concentrate-dipped bud phenomenon.

Moon Rocks vs. Sun Rocks

Moon rocks and sun rocks are both highly potent cannabis strains but they differ in their preparation and potential quality.

Moon rocks are made by taking dried cannabis buds and coating them with hash oil or cannabis distillate. After the coating, the buds are rolled in kief, resulting in a sticky and opaque flower with an exceptionally high THC content, typically testing between 50-60% THC. The quality of moon rocks can vary significantly, making it challenging to assess the flower’s original quality due to the thick coating. Unfortunately, some users have encountered disappointment when cracking open a moon rock to find dry, brown bud inside.

On the other hand, sun rocks are a newer addition to the cannabis scene. While similar to moon rocks in potency, they are crafted with a different approach. Sun rocks involve soaking cannabis buds in high-potency concentrate, such as hash oil or distillate, and then rolling them in a thick layer of kief. The result is an even more potent and resinous product than moon rocks, offering an intense experience for those seeking the ultimate cannabis encounter.

While both moon rocks and sun rocks promise a powerful and elevated experience, it is essential for consumers to be aware of the potential variability in quality and to purchase these products from reputable sources to ensure a satisfactory and enjoyable high.

What Are Sun Rocks?

Sun rocks are a more potent and refined version of moon rocks, which are highly potent cannabis products made by coating dried buds with hash oil or cannabis distillate and then rolling them in kief. The key difference with sun rocks is that all the components—top-shelf buds, pure and flavorful extracts, and strong kief—are sourced from the same strain, typically a fan-favorite strain like OG Kush, known for its myrcene-heavy profile.

In moon rocks, it’s difficult to determine the quality of the bud due to the thick, opaque hash oil used. However, sun rocks replace low-quality hash oil, often extracted from trim and shake, with a top-shelf concentrate derived from nugs of the same strain. The resulting resin is trichome-rich, providing more flavor in each hit compared to typical hash oil. Additionally, the purity of the oil makes it clearer, allowing consumers to see the bud underneath the dusting of kief.

The combination of high-quality components contributes to the enhanced potency of sun rocks. While moon rocks usually reach up to 60% THC at their most potent, sun rocks can test over 80% THC, making them a powerful choice for those seeking an intensified cannabis experience.

How To Consume Sun Rocks

  1. Choose Glass: Most users recommend using glass smoking devices like a pipe or a bong for smoking both sun rocks and moon rocks. Adding them to a joint or blunt can be messy due to the distillate coating, and grinding them in a grinder is not advised.
  2. Cut into Small Chunks: Instead of using a grinder, use a utility knife or razor blade to cut the sun rocks into small chunks. This will help ensure even burning and prevent wasting the product.
  3. Layer in a Bowl: When adding sun rocks to a bowl with regular ground flower, mix or layer them with the other flower. This will promote even burning and ensure you get the most out of your bowl.
  4. Use Hemp Wick: When smoking a bowl of sun rocks, try to break them up into small pieces to facilitate easier lighting. To preserve the flavor-forward elements of sun rocks, use a hemp wick instead of a regular butane lighter. This will prevent scorching the product and allow the full flavor to come through.

Remember, sun rocks are highly potent, so use them in moderation and be mindful of your tolerance level. Enjoy the intense and flavorful experience they offer with caution and responsibility.

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Enrico Bratta

Enrico Bratta

Medical cannabis professional based in Phuket, Thailand.


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Enrico Bratta

Medical cannabis professional based in Phuket, Thailand.