How is CBD Oil Made? – Guide for a Success

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In a nutshell, cannabidiol (CBD) is an organic hemp plant extract. It has zero THC content, making it both legal and non-intoxicating. CBD lacks any addictive or intoxicating properties, in contrast to THC. Because of this, CBD is widely known to have healing effects.

Most CBD products come in oil form, which is created by extracting CBD from hemp plants and combining it with a “carrier” oil. In this article, we will describe the various steps involved in growing, extracting, and refining CBD oil in order to demonstrate how the Grass & Co. CBD Oil is manufactured.


First, industrial hemp that is cultivated lawfully in the US and Europe must be used to extract the CBD. According to EU standards, this is grown from seeds that have less than 0.2% THC in them. These plants are raised and cared for to have high levels of CBD rather than THC.

Hemp can be used to make many different products.


The hemp plant can be used to extract CBD using a variety of methods.

Generally speaking, solvents must be used in any commercial CBD extraction method. These solvents are crucial because they are very effective at both purifying the solution and separating the CBD molecule from the other substances found in the cannabis plant. The solvent then dissipates, leaving only pure CBD Oil remaining.


‘CO2 extraction,’ or supercritical carbon dioxide, is the most used technique for removing CBD. In order to create food additives and essential oils for perfumes, this technique makes use of a closed-loop extractor. The hemp is put in a chamber that is later carbon dioxide-filled. The carbon dioxide is converted to liquid by applying pressure to the chamber, which then takes on the flavors and oils of the hemp. The final product is a liquid that contains CBD and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is then converted into gas in a final chamber once this liquid has been pumped there.

It’s crucial to be aware that this extraction procedure doesn’t always involve alcohol even though it is recognized to be secure, effective, and to produce potent results. To produce CBD isolate or distillate, material extracted using CO2 often needs to be further purified using an alcohol solvent.


Utilizing liquid solvents such as ethanol, butane, or isopropyl alcohol is another effective method of CBD extraction. This is considered to be among the simplest extraction techniques. Experts assert that ethanol, a plant-based solvent, aids in preserving the chemical composition of hemp during extraction. The solvent residue isn’t always completely cleared during the evaporation step, according to certain tests. Furthermore, when using natural solvents like ethanol, the chlorophyll may also be removed throughout the process, giving the finished oil a disagreeable flavor.


Since Grass & Co. is dedicated to providing the highest quality CBD Oil to its clients, we have found that alcohol (IPA) is the best solvent to utilize in order to guarantee total uniformity throughout the extraction process.

When producing clean and legal CBD products, employing IPA has many advantages. High production standards and high-quality, pure CBD are consistently delivered by IPA. It has a great safety record, several medical applications, and is found in a lot of health and cosmetic goods. The type and relative quantities of the extractable plant components that must be eliminated throughout the purifying process are crucially determined by this extraction procedure.

Additionally, our products profit from extraction equipment that is exclusive to our manufacturing plant, which again guarantees the highest quality standards. We now have more control over the quality and purity of our CBD Oil as a result.


It takes solvents to make CBD isolate or distillate, and while solvent choice is important, it is not the only factor supporting the extraction process. After extraction, the CBD Oil undergoes a meticulous, multi-stage refinement and distillation process until only the pure CBD Oil is left.

Instead of using full spectrum CBD, the line of CBD products from Grass and Co. is manufactured with distillate and isolate of CBD with a limited spectrum. As opposed to full spectrum CBD, which can frequently contain trace amounts of THC, this guarantees that each product contains the right amount of the finest quality CBD. Our consumers may more easily include CBD into their daily routines thanks to the enhanced taste and flavor of narrow spectrum CBD isolate and distillate.


Although it’s simple to concentrate only on the particular method or solvent a product employs, this doesn’t fully explain the benefits of your CBD. The process does not end with extraction. Even though solvents are employed during the extraction process, only refined CBD is left over. More importantly, our exacting production procedures and standards, as well as the sizeable expenditure in testing, all contribute to the final product’s high quality.

All of our goods are professionally lab tested twice at Grass & Co. Our lab is one of the few that provides an approved testing method. We take great pride in being open and honest about the entire process and the outcomes. On the product pages for each of our CBD products on our website, we include a link to the whole data sheet.


Enrico Bratta

Enrico Bratta

Medical cannabis professional based in Phuket, Thailand.


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Enrico Bratta

Medical cannabis professional based in Phuket, Thailand.