How To Make Smoking Exciting Again

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When you first start using marijuana, it’s amazing. The well-known tunnel sensations, the guffaws, and your wonder at all the novel sensations. If you regularly consume marijuana, it’s likely that your highs don’t always feel the same. Perhaps you’ve increased your tolerance without increasing your smoking habits, or perhaps you’ve simply grown accustomed to the high. Here are four techniques to help you remember your first experiences with marijuana.

1. Take A Tolerance Break

T breaks can be horrible, but they are occasionally required. Smoking can then seem fresh and new again. A T break is the solution if you’ve discovered that you’re not feeling as well as you once did but don’t want to smoke more. Even if you are unable to take a lengthy vacation, even altering your regular smoking routine can be beneficial. Try reducing back on your morning smoking so that you look forward to your night session more, for instance, if you smoke every morning before work and directly after work every day. Your cigarettes will stay fresh and intriguing if you wait a little bit.

2. Go To New Places

This can entail attending a concert and completely letting go. It might also entail closing your eyes and letting the pictures transport you. Or visiting a museum with a bunch of smoking friends to view the art (but be careful not to be too boisterous there). If you don’t like being in public when high, going for a nature stroll can truly inspire you. Your highs will be more spiritual and significant, not to mention more enjoyable, if you give your brain something to ponder about than ANTM reruns.

3. Create Art

This advice is similar to that given above. Simply put, when individuals are stoned, art just flows more naturally to them. Art can include a variety of things, such as singing, writing music, drawing, and painting. Since stoners are famed for their inventiveness, look around if you don’t think you have anything to use to create art.

4. Try New Strains

In general, if you smoke a lot of one kind of marijuana, you will become a little less sensitive to its effects over time. You may correct this by switching up the strains you smoke. Or, if you have a strong preference, just occasionally introduce a different strain. To vary things up, for instance, consider smoking a strong indica if you often smoke sativa.

5. Work Hard To Make Your Session Memorable

This can entail investing in a brand-new bong or pipe that you’re eager to use. Or it can entail creating a specific smoking area in your house where you feel relaxed. Making smoking on that day more special can be as simple as burning incense or lighting candles a few minutes before you start.


Enrico Bratta

Enrico Bratta

Medical cannabis professional based in Phuket, Thailand.


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Enrico Bratta

Medical cannabis professional based in Phuket, Thailand.